Friday, July 5, 2013


The Passport Party gave 100 girls in the nation a passport. This gift was funded by Expedia and also gave these girls an opportunity to compete in an essay competition winning a free ticket to Belize, Central America. I am one of those girls!

 The essay's topic was "what does global citizenship mean to you?" 6 girls including myself now are going to Belize on the 23rd of July!!!

That task of understanding others takes a lifetime and I want to take on that challenge and I invite you to explore with me by becoming one my supporters. While the trip in it-self is free, the preparation is not. As a student and child of a single-parent, I am inviting friends and family to support by journey by investing in my future. 

We will volunteer at an orphanage while in Belize and we're tasked with raising at least $100 to give to the orphanage.   Liberty Foundation is an orphanage for abused and neglected children. $15 can feed one child for an entire month! 
I plan to take photos throughout the trip and embrace the different people I see. Instead of going home with pictures only I can relate to, I want you to be able to understand the emotion, sightings, and people. 

I am asking for contributions for the orphanage and financial support so that I'm able to purchase the supplies I need. 

As a thank you, you will receive one of the following gifts:

$15-50: 5 full color postcards with images from Belize 
$60- + : A custom hand-made booklet of Belize seen through my lens. 

All donations can be made to: Jazmyne Woffard-Jones
POB 23084 Oakland CA 94623
Please specify if you're supporting the orphanage or my trip. 

Thank You~