Monday, September 23, 2013

Cookies Ease the Butterflies

Hey it's been a while hasn't it? Junior year in high school has been keeping me busy!
This year I have to do more than think about college, I have to actually consider ones that I want to go to! Gahh! The thought of college makes my stomach turn. This year I plan on visiting a few colleges. These are the colleges on my list so far...

Academy of Art University
Pratt Institute
San Francisco State University
Columbia College Chicago
Cornell University
At the end of a hard day of homework, studying, and chores; I try to end it with a fresh baked chocolate chip cookies! Yum! It eases the butterflies in my stomach. 

if you went to college, any advice for searching? Thanks!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

International Students

I received an necklace from a new friend, an International Chinese student. He told me the necklace represents our friendship and that he gave it to me for being his friend. 
I have been lucky to work International students getting ready for their first year at my school, Bishop O'Dowd. They have traveled from China and Europe to attend either a semester or a full year at O'Dowd. For many, it's the first time in the US.  I'm becoming friends with one of them. We have been talking to for a few days in person and through Facebook. He’s a bit shy and I’m still trying to get him to open up, but for the last couple of days, he and I have it it off.  He likes anime, I like anime-that’s all there is to say.

I guess I can show empathy right here in Oakland too! Here's a picture of the cool necklace he gave me and the box it came in. Did I mention he gave this to me in front of everyone??!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013


Belize is like the taste of caramel candy. Ever notice how caramel becomes sweeter in your mouth even after it’s gone? That’s how I feel about my trip to Belize. Belize is sweet and flavorful.  I still remember each day perfectly and I wish I could go back.

Out of everything I partook on the trip, I have to say it was the people that made me feel so welcomed and open to everything that came my way.

The five other girls, their parents and I had so many adventures in Belize. We went zip lining, visited the zoo, explored the Mayan Temples, snorkeled, took boat rides and visited an orphanage and I enjoyed everything but it was the way I felt while in Belize that still stays in my mind.

I felt at peace in Belize. Can you understand what I’m saying? Every morning waking up to the sounds of the waves crashing outside of my cabana. Everyday we would take a boat from San Pedro in the Ambergris Cayes back to the mainland.  Stretching my legs and soaking up the sun during the ride felt amazing. I didn’t have any worries on the trip. I didn’t think about school, or my dad and I didn’t think about my junior year and taking the SAT  and that’s what made everything so special. It was the first time in a while that I didn’t have a care in the world and I really enjoyed myself.  

The people at the resort and in the city were all very relaxed and laid back too. They made all of us feel special. The name of this blog is Search 4 Empathy and when I thought of the name I could only hope that on my beginning journey I would find it. Well I found it and now I want to find it again. Maybe in Paris????

Monday, July 22, 2013


I went up Northern California to Inverness. My friend, Zhanna invited me for the week with her family. It was not only great to get away but good to meet her family members. 
On one of the days we ate oysters. Never had raw oysters before...I love them now! 

The first couple of nights we played Scramble. It was difficult for me. It takes a while to gather  my thoughts so trying to figure a word with only 7 letters that'll also give me 10+ points to be on the same level as everyone else was hard! It was extremely fun though! I felt a part of the family while we played games and talked. I'll never forget the time in Inverness.

One of days we drove to the beach. While we were driving we passed by farms and one of the farms had bulls! It was a picture that I just had to take.
Once we reached the beach, I realized I forgot a jacket and was wearing a t-shirt with shorts and sandals, as if it was hot! It was hot in the car, but once we got outside it was freezing! Zhanna's mom got out the car and went jogging next to the waves. Zhanna and I looked at each other then at her mom and began running with her. After, we were warm for...5 minutes? We all knew we wanted to leave soon, but it would be such a waste to leave a beautiful beach without taking a few pictures...

Had a great time Zhanna! Thank you so much!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mind Is Racing

Its hard to not think of Belize every day! As the days rush by I feel so happy and grateful that I have been given this gift! It's opened the way or many new connections regarding life and people.

Just imagining the beautiful colors, people, sea creatures, and nature that I'm going to see makes me grin like an idiot. I can't wait to take pictures and create lasting relationships with not only the other 5 young women, but the people on the island as well. I think this strip is going to be life changing and I cannot to take it dead on! Belize here I come!

Friday, July 5, 2013


The Passport Party gave 100 girls in the nation a passport. This gift was funded by Expedia and also gave these girls an opportunity to compete in an essay competition winning a free ticket to Belize, Central America. I am one of those girls!

 The essay's topic was "what does global citizenship mean to you?" 6 girls including myself now are going to Belize on the 23rd of July!!!

That task of understanding others takes a lifetime and I want to take on that challenge and I invite you to explore with me by becoming one my supporters. While the trip in it-self is free, the preparation is not. As a student and child of a single-parent, I am inviting friends and family to support by journey by investing in my future. 

We will volunteer at an orphanage while in Belize and we're tasked with raising at least $100 to give to the orphanage.   Liberty Foundation is an orphanage for abused and neglected children. $15 can feed one child for an entire month! 
I plan to take photos throughout the trip and embrace the different people I see. Instead of going home with pictures only I can relate to, I want you to be able to understand the emotion, sightings, and people. 

I am asking for contributions for the orphanage and financial support so that I'm able to purchase the supplies I need. 

As a thank you, you will receive one of the following gifts:

$15-50: 5 full color postcards with images from Belize 
$60- + : A custom hand-made booklet of Belize seen through my lens. 

All donations can be made to: Jazmyne Woffard-Jones
POB 23084 Oakland CA 94623
Please specify if you're supporting the orphanage or my trip. 

Thank You~