Monday, July 22, 2013


I went up Northern California to Inverness. My friend, Zhanna invited me for the week with her family. It was not only great to get away but good to meet her family members. 
On one of the days we ate oysters. Never had raw oysters before...I love them now! 

The first couple of nights we played Scramble. It was difficult for me. It takes a while to gather  my thoughts so trying to figure a word with only 7 letters that'll also give me 10+ points to be on the same level as everyone else was hard! It was extremely fun though! I felt a part of the family while we played games and talked. I'll never forget the time in Inverness.

One of days we drove to the beach. While we were driving we passed by farms and one of the farms had bulls! It was a picture that I just had to take.
Once we reached the beach, I realized I forgot a jacket and was wearing a t-shirt with shorts and sandals, as if it was hot! It was hot in the car, but once we got outside it was freezing! Zhanna's mom got out the car and went jogging next to the waves. Zhanna and I looked at each other then at her mom and began running with her. After, we were warm for...5 minutes? We all knew we wanted to leave soon, but it would be such a waste to leave a beautiful beach without taking a few pictures...

Had a great time Zhanna! Thank you so much!!!